In today’s major health issues regarding children obesity and the high rate of unhealthy Americans, we, at Fitness Trainers Network saw the demands regarding creating a network of fitness professionals from personal trainers to nutritionist, dietitian, and are all accredited from their recognized associations.

With Fitness Trainers Network, you can only find the best in the industry. You are either an individual looking for a change in your life, such as life coach, or personal trainers, or even dietician, you can find it here.

For gym owners, you are looking for classes to add in your schedule, such as yoga instructors, pilates, or even spin classes, you can also find it here at Fitness Trainers Network. So go ahead, do not hesitate to ask or search for the appropriate specialties on our site, whatever you are looking for, you will find it.

Our fitness professionals will get the job done. They are all certified trainers, all accredited and are focus on making a change. They are dedicated to their work and want to get you in tip top shape. They are great motivator, and will make sure you end up very happy with your work-out. Fitness Trainers Network do not DUMP trainers on you. After you’ve requested the help of a trainer within your radius, we will send not ONE, but several trainers for you to choose from. We want YOU to make YOUR own choice. All the trainers will provide you with great results, but we leave it to you to choose a trainer that you see fit to fill your goals and objective.

Remember, it is not just about the knowledge of these trainers, but their personality that fits yours. Our matching process will be providing you with the best trainers in your neighborhood, but we leave it to you to make your choice among the best trainers in your state. We cover all of USA and CANADA. All our trainers can train you wherever you need, whatever time you select with them. All cities that we cover are presented on the website for you to navigate. You can select your area and can request where you want to be trained. Our selection process is thorough. We make sure to have all trainers certification up to date and make sure they do get their continuing education credits from their accredited associations. There is no space for mistake, we ONLY make sure to get the best and refer you with the best. Fitness Trainers Network also provides other services such as life coaching, business coaching, and several other specialty training offered on the site. So go ahead, navigate through our site and you will see the great benefits to select our personal trainers from Fitness Trainers Network.

We are your ONE STOP SHOP personal training website in North America. Our site has its own blog, where our trainers can write articles about health and fitness to keep you abreast to all new changes happening in this industry. We have articles and updates about what new trainers have joined our network, their specialties, etc.. so you are continuously updated with what is happening on the network. We also have products sold on our site from renowned health supplements providers in North America.

We provide great service all year round, since getting or staying in shape is a lifetime dedication. We hope to meet all your goals and objectives at FTN and wish you the best.

Dan Amzallag
CEO, Fitness Trainers Network
Personal Trainer with NASM

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