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"Summer Is officially over.......Winter is approaching"
...but don't let make you skip workouts and destroy all your hard work. Beautiful days at the beach, showing off all your hard work and now that winter will be approaching, you will be bundling up with cloths, hence hiding lots of areas you don't want anyone to see. Keeping up your routine is a lifelong challenge, not just to get yourself in shape for vacation. Now that the kids are back in school, you need to rededicate yourself to pursue your goals and work harder and smarter to keeping up your great shape. Before you know it, thanksgiving and Xmas will be around the corner. Be smart and keep yourself in control of your own destiny. We will help you through this challenging times. The solution is just a Click Away!
Fitness can be challenge in today's stressful life. Family obligations, job instability etc.. It's all what you make of it! Taking care of your body now will help you fight illness for many years to come.

I would like to first thank you for taking the time to browse through fitness websites, not necessarily this one, but you've already accomplish one of the most difficult part. The rest is almost easy, well beside the sweating and hard work, and plenty of soreness, but it is all worth it in the long run.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dan Amzallag and I am here to help you reach all fitness goals you've given yourself prior to reading our website. You are wondering how can we, help you lose 50 pounds by the next week? Well, guess what, we won't and we can't. If this is what you expect, then you are definitely reading the wrong fitness website. If you are looking for a safe and reasonable physical, mental and emotional change, then we can definitely talk. Yes, Reality BITES! Doesn't it? But I can guarantee you that our network of professional and accredited trainers will take great care of you and make you reach your goals sooner then expected. So go ahead, Live FREE and Live HARD! We are behind you all the way!

Browsing through many fitness website, you came to realization that your search might be more complicated then you expected. Wow, all these trainers, how can I choose the best among all the trainers walking the neighborhood gyms in this city? Well, that is actually a great concern. Many website do NOT make it a priority for their trainers to be certified, so basically, anyone can call themselves trainers. You can wake up one day after reading Fitness for Dummies and consider yourself a trainer.

This is where we come in. We are here to match you with the best trainer that fits your needs and requirements, regarding proximity, knowledge and personality, which is a great factor for hiring our trainers.

What I mean by proximity? Well, we basically cover the whole USA, with major cities neighboring almost every state in our beautiful country. You'll find top trainers in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Forth Worth, Denver, Phoenix, St. Louis , Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, WA, New York City, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Quebec metropolitan areas on the internet today.

If you feel that we might be the right match for you, feel free to browse trough our extensive Fitness Programs. Once you have a good idea of which program is best for your situation, Click Here to get started.

Now, if you still have difficulty of making a sound choice of which company you want to choose, you're welcome to check out our Most Frequently Asked Questions, Personal Trainer Profiles, Areas Serviced or Company Background to find out more about us. You can also contact us toll free at 1-877-963-7283 or you can send us an e-mail with any other questions pertaining to our services and/or products.

I would like to thank you again for taking the time to read this and I hope you consider us for your fitness and health needs. Our team and I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness/weight loss goals and ultimately, live a healthier and happier lifestyle!

Best Regards,
Dan Amzallag
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